Station cars offer Quality and Commitment to every passenger

CALL: 020 8660 6000


CALL: 020 8660 6000


Quality of Service

The Controller monitors all jobs constantly to ensure the highest  quality service is delivered and that bookings run on time.

The Controller has up to the second information on screen concerning all bookings and drivers including the GPS position of all our drivers.

Jobs are checked by the Director/General Manager to ensure that they have been dispatched on time.

Every effort is made to ensure that the system in place delivers the customer’s requirements first time with no delays or mistakes.  We consistently check our systems for any area where improvements may be made.

We have PC Wallboard with over 200 call centre statistics to choose from to help ensure calls are answered efficiently.

We use a fully computerised booking and dispatch system.

Each driver has a PDA unit with satellite navigation and GPS tracking.

We operate a CCTV system in our offices that is recorded 24 hours/day that enables us to monitor the efficiency of all of staff.

We contact a random selection of Account, VIP and Executive passengers on a regular basis to carry out customer satisfaction surveys and responses are reviewed and any appropriate action is taken to improve performance.

Our booking process is very robust and all calls are monitored and recorded for quality and training purposes. All of our procedures are audited and assessed by ISOQAR who have accredited Station Cars with ISO 9001 and 14001.

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Quality and Commitment

Quality and Commitment come as standard at Station Cars.

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